Greeting to all


As Local Government, we are at the season whereby we have to engage and update our communities about the distance thus far travelled towards rendering service delivery in Umzimkhulu. We undertake this exercise in line within the consolidated and adopted 5 Year IDP document, as prescribed in the Municipal Systems Acts. As a leader in the third sphere of governance, our strategic responsibility is to take a centre stage by inviting all local stakeholders to partake in this programme hence we ought to have a united approach towards implementation of service delivery. Although turnout by the stakeholders quite disappointing, issues raised will indeed be cascaded to these departments by Umzimkhulu Municipality. Thus far communities of this rural based municipality have registered their concerns of the snailly pace service delivery is rendered on roads, water, housing and many more. As they raised thorny social ills, communities are also registering challenges of cell phone network in Umzimkhulu. We would like to applaud these communities for their impressive turnouts and attendance.  We appreciate the fact that our communities have to raise their concerns and have a responsibility not to be submissive which then triggers robust engagement. Our understanding is these engagements do not suggests any attacks on the municipality but capacitate this municipality to grow and improve on its approach.                


 As we understand and respect the fact that communities have express their views robustly, we would like to caution our communities to guard against being misled by popularists who cunningly take advantage of their vulnerability. We therefore would like to remind our communities that municipal doors are always open for engagements, if issues are not getting the desired attention at the ward levels. On the positive note, we would like to applaud that no public facility had been damage in the recent public unrests as maturity prevailed.



It is now a public knowledge that as a country, we have declared a different stunts on the land issues. We would like to call upon our communities to respect and acknowledge that currently some the land are owned by Government or Private Sector. Any smash and grab approach of the land is equal to crime therefore participants will be dealt as criminals by state security. The tone of Government with regard to land issue is clear, it is that communities will engage authorities then potential activities on be implemented on land will be profiled so that Government could embark on processes to budget accordingly.     

As there is a review of Section 25 of the Constitution, stakeholders are encouraged to forward written submissions to Ms. Pat Jayiya on P.O Box 15, Cape Town 8000 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They are furthermore encouraged to call 021- 403 3661 or fax to 086 465 0678. 

Till we meet again.

(Mr) Zweliphantsi Sikhosana

Municipal Manager