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Our Vision is to become an economically viable Municipality by 2030.


Our mission is to develop institutional capacity by using all resources at our disposal to deliver quality and sustainable services through public participation

Core Values


Our Councillors and Employee pledge to serve the community of Umzimkhulu with dedication, integrity and in a transparent manner affirming their constitutional rights.


In recognition of the centrality of our municipality's commitment to serve, we will actively promote a culture of holding our Councillors and Employees accountable for their actions, positive and otherwise.


Our approach to work and service is driven by the ethos of competency and excellence.

we will continuously develop our Councillors and Employees to ensure that they stay on top of their service game .


The following goals and will guide all operations in the municipality.

• Municipal Transformation and institutional Transformation.
• Local Economic Development.
• Basic Service Delivery and Infrastructure Investment.
• Financial Viability and Financial Management
• Good Government and Community Participation.

Development Vision:

To provide spatial and implementation guidance and co-ordination towards the rapid and fast tracked development of the Umzimkhulu Town area in the most critical sectoral areas in order to ensure improved service delivery, economic stimulation and social welfare.



• Positioning Umzimkhulu Town Centre within the context of the sub-region
• Accommodating activities in a manner which enhances its present/future use as a symbolic and functional town centre within the wider municipal setting, and addressing those areas with biggest need in service delivery.
• Addressing the functional and spatial physical integration of the town centre into the surrounding initiatives;
• Promoting the clustering of facilities in a manner which ensures the efficient use of public funds and that allows for systematic private sector investment to support local economic  development;
• Establishing mixed and diverse land uses which include adequate consideration of existing uses as well as the broader stakeholder needs and concerns, Promoting the integrated civic and development function of the town centre and enhancing place making opportunity; 
• Ensuring the facilitation of local economic development through appropriate design; 
• Promoting a planning approach that is ecologically and environmentally sensitive

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Public Clinics - 12.3%
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Public Schools - 11.7%
Sanitation - 12.3%

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